Two students working on a drawing together and smilingAs students began returning to the classrooms at John the Baptist Catholic Primary School Bonnyrigg Heights, many were glad to be with their friends again.

However, as government recommendations for social/physical distancing remain in place, it may still be challenging for children to stay connected with their friends outside of school.

URSTRONG, a skills-based program that empowers children in developing and managing friendships, has put together the following list of easy ways that kids can feel connected to their friends outside of the classroom.

  1. Write a letter to a friend
  2. Draw or paint a picture of your favorite memory with your friends
  3. Have a pyjama party with a friend on FaceTime
  4. Write a story using your friends as the main characters
  5. Make a TikTok video about friendship
  6. Design a poster with a message for your friend – get your parents to drive by your friend’s house, honking and holding the sign
  7. Set up a Netflix Party and watch a movie together
  8. Have a Lip-Sync Battle with your friends – film yourself lip-syncing and then send it to your friends
  9. Listen to songs about friendship, like the Friendology playlist on Spotify
  10. Invent a game that you can play with your friend online
  11. Start a Book Club – read the same book and then chat about it afterwards
  12. Write a poem about friendship – maybe an acrostic poem, rhyming poem, or limerick
  13. Use Messenger, Zoom, or Google Hangouts to invite a group of friends to share funny jokes and memes
  14. Join the virtual URSTRONG Classroom with live lessons on friendship

You might like to print this list out and help your child choose, or pick one you know your child would be excited about.

Need some help with motivation? Turn it into a challenge or a competition. Choose what works for you and your family and watch your child bring it to life!